About Us

The business world keeps increasing its borders

Partnerships between Brazil and the international market are expending, which opens territory to new businesses.

Boomer is a link to develop the connection between Brazil and the international market. It searches for information, clients, suppliers and solutions, presenting to corporations and individuals a platform of opportunities to achieve new business deals.

Contact us and bring your questions and business needs so we can find the best way to achieve your goals.


Connection between Brazil and the international market

Why us

Because Boomer’s philosophy believes in developing new business opportunities. Regardless the economic, geographic or political scenarios.
It does not matter where, how or when, Boomer can always assist you.


Market Prospecting

Services aimed at foreign companies interested in starting or expanding business.


  • Client search
  • Supplier search
  • Gathering of quality and quantity data knowledge of) local network
  • Market research
  • Legal and fiscal information related to your business
  • Investment information
  • Import and Export

    Boomer molds itself to the needs of its customers and offers the service of managing its foreign trade operations.


  • Contact clients and suppliers
  • Management of database
  • Development of graphic art related to product presentation
  • Development of visual identity
  • Commercial representation

    A multidisciplinary business model, in which we offer the possibility to represent them in Brazil, seeking customers and suppliers.


  • Local Assistance in fairs and business meetings in Brazil
  • Networking visits in Brazil
  • Boomer Business Development operates in various segments of agribusiness, food, beverages, footwear and clothing, Commodities, industrialized, technology and energy and others.

    Contact us

    Please contact us with your questions, proposals and needs. Boomer will be glad to assist you.
    Your contact is important to us.

    +55 (47) 3801-2830

    Dr João Colin, 2008
    America - Joinville - Santa Catarina
    CEP: 89204-901